The Engagement:

On September 16, 2015, Brian asked The Question, thus the beginning of our dual-military Navy life together.  We have dated for over two years and have had quite the adventure together. And, it is only going to get more adventurous.  Now with planning a wedding and blending our families (his kids and my fur-kids), we must jump through another huge hurdle.  Like many military families, we are facing a deployment.

The Blog Idea:

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend 28 glorious days on vacation before Brian left for pre-deployment training. During this time, we traveled up the west coast of Michigan, out to Maryland, up to Massachusetts, and back down to Georgia. We spent time with the kids, ate very well, saw family and caught up with friends.  More importantly, we got to spend some quality time together since we won’t be able to spend much time together in the coming year.  This was the longest consecutive time we have ever physically spent together!  After keeping our friends and family updated on our antics daily on Facebook, we thought, “We should start a blog”. This long distance relationship stuff IS possible.

The Why:

There have to be other couples out there like us:  Long-term, Long-distance relationship people.   More so, there have to be other dual-military couples that could be looking for community, support and encouragement when the military takes you in opposite directions- literally.  Dual-military: The dreaded and little talked about type of military relationship. To complicate it further, we are Reservists. We juggle civilian life, military life, family life and somehow try to make time for each other.

The Goal:

We have made this relationship work for over two years and want to share some of the ways we have succeeded (and some of the ways we have not) with others facing similar challenges. More importantly, we want other dual-military relationships to feel support and have a place to turn to when others just don’t get it. Being a woman in the military is hard. Being a military significant other is hard.  Being a woman in the military AND being a military SO is a double challenge.