It is a new year! Every year people come up with resolutions and most don’t keep them. I usually fall into the second category. Brian is one who comes up with a list of goals for the year, prints it out and strives all year long for these goals. He is generally fairly successful. I have tried this method but end up frustrated or forgetful a few weeks later and nothing was accomplished. Between the travel for work and the military and family life, I always seem to come up with excuses not to do what I set out to accomplish. This year, I am trying a new approach. I am doing month long devotions. I realized that I am motivated to start something new, and this method keeps that motivation fresh at the start of every month. It allows me to individually focus on the areas of my life I wish to improve and be very intentional about creating new habits. I am hopeful that I can become a better fiancé, friend, Nurse Practitioner, Naval officer, etc. by taking better care of myself and being more purposeful about being there for others.

                January: Mindfulness

                                31 Days of Yoga & Meditation

                February: Love

                                28 Days of Loving my SO Better

                March: Faith

                                31 Days of Prayer

                April: Cleansing

                                30 Days of Decluttering

                May: Health & Hydration

                                31 Days of Healthy Eating and Drinking Water

                June: Energy

                                30 Days to a Running a 5K

                July: Rest

                                31 Days of Sleeping 8 Hours

                August: Beauty

                                31 Days of Skin and Hair Care

                September: Self-Love

                                30 Days of Learning to Love Myself

                October: Knowledge

                                31 Days of Reading and Learning a New Skill

                November: Thankfulness

                                30 Days to be Thankful

                December: Giving

                                31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

The important things about New Year’s goals are that they must be achievable, they must be specific, you must have a plan and you must have an accountability partner.  I want to share this journey with all of you as my accountability partners.  Join me in this journey to better health and mind through 2017.


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