10 Ways to Date on Video Chat

There are so many awesome things that you can do with video chat besides just talking. All it takes is a little creativity, a little planning, and a little patience (especially if the internet connection is less than perfect). Over the last couple years, Brian and I have never spent more than 28 consecutive days together and this was just because we were both in transition mode between career milestones. We have done a lot to try to remain close though far apart. Video chat is a huge help in this day and age- so let’s use it! Here are 10 fun ideas for keeping a little romance without being together.

  1. Movie Night 

    This is one of our fall backs. And one of the easiest- as long as you both have a way to watch a DVD.   Pretty simple concept: watch the same movie together. Some tips and tricks, DVD’s work better for synching than live streaming- particularly if you’re dealing with an overseas connection. That way you don’t have to worry about interruptions in the internet messing up the synch of your movies. And being synched is key! Pop some popcorn, count to 3 and press play! 20160102_140613.jpg

  2. Dinner Date 

    Cook dinner together, dress up and enjoy. It helps to cook the same meal at the same time to get the full effect. Check out my post here for  details on things we have learned about how to make this a successful date idea! Combine this with a movie for a classic date. We have done this twice so far during deployment and many other times before this. I send him a care package with our microwave non-perishable dinner items, and we get to have dinner together just like if we were home together and I cooked dinner. Ok, not just like it but I’ll take it .dinnerdate.jpg

  3. Family Traditions  

    Include each other on the Christmas gift opening, birthday party cake cutting, pumpkin carving, Easter egg hunt and icing the holiday cookies with the kids. Christmas morning started with setting up a table with a computer, we opened our gifts and Brian opened his from us. This took some planning in advance to make sure gifts got to each other before Christmas morning. Though it may not be feasible to be on video chat for every moment of a family gathering (not recommended for weddings or funerals), hitting the highlights is memorable and the next best thing to attending together. holidays.jpg

  4. Chocolate Tasting  

    This one we did in person, though it’d be an easily adaptable date idea. The key would be to have the same chocolates! So don’t choose a local candy shop, choose mass produced gourmet chocolates you can find in your local supermarket . Check out the Dating Diva Blog Site for some interesting tips and printables to make this a fun and easy date night. We finished our date with watching Chocolat and drinking hot cocoa for a theme date- we are nerds like that.

  5. Bar Night 

    Ok, if you’re like us, you enjoy a night out without the kids. Now, we only have the kids 50% of the time so we are not short on adult time like others are, however, we don’t go out that often. Though we enjoy when we do. This is how we “went out” to celebrate the completion of Brian’s Master’s degree. We played bar tender for ourselves and had a blast. Best part, no driving home at the end of the evening. barnight.jpg

  6. Bubble Bath

     Who doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath? Run a hot bath, add your bubbles, and enjoy. Go the extra step and use the same scent so you feel like you are enjoying it together. This one isn’t for everyone but the great thing about this idea, it can be as sexy and risqué as you make it. We are pretty conservative and boring so we just dim the lights, light some candles, sip some wine and chat. Handheld devices do not work well for this date!

  7. Wine & Cheese Cocktail Party 

    Another thing we love to do is visit vineyards here in lower Michigan or around our family vacation home in Virginia. But when we are so far apart, this is a fun compromise. Choose a couple bottles of cheap wine and some gourmet cheeses that you can both obtain, have your sophisticated tasting, and then a glass (or two!) of the one you like best while you kick back and enjoy the party for two. It is a great way to figure out what your favorite cheap wine is. 20150214_204954

  8. Play a Board Game

    This one only works if you both have the same board game. And dice games work the best. Set up your identical boards, and play. Just make sure when you roll the dice and move your piece, that the other person moves your piece on their board too. If you are really competitive like we are, this may not be a wise choice for a date. No cheating! 10403121_846165482108061_8366751574099730383_n.jpg

  9. Online Gaming 

    Xbox anyone? Video chat and play each other. You don’t really need to have video chat with the headsets and intra-gaming interactions. However, having your video chat open as well adds the feeling of being on the couch together… kinda.  Besides, you get to see all the intense facial expressions your partner makes when they are trying to kill you… see how they really feel about you!

  10. YouTube Video Binge  

    The great thing about most video chat programs is the screen share option. This means you can see the other person’s computer screen as if you were looking at the same computer. Browse YouTube and watch goofy cat videos until your heart is content. Giggling and laughing together is part of a healthy relationship and who doesn’t laugh at leaping baby goats?

Communication is key to success in any relationship. And when you have hundreds or thousands of miles in between, you are forced to have a relationship solely on communication. However, we are no longer limited to letters, emails or phone calls to stay connected. Make the most of what tools we have to make the most of your time together. So get out your gadget, do a little planning, and go on a date! Get creative! Have fun!

What are some ideas you have to help with long distance dating?



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