Technology plays a HUGE part in our relationship… Whether we want it to or not.  It definitely makes the long distance thing more manageable.  We use Google Hangouts predominately. For some, reason we get less dropped calls than Skype, but I know others who use Skype without much issue.  Over the past couple years, we have perfected the virtual date night.  This post depicts the ins and outs of how to make the virtual dinner date a success.

For starters, ladies please understand, I learned the hard way that men need explicit instruction on what is expected or they will get it wrong… This results in an emotional melt-down by the girl and a very confused man.  Here’s an example of what not to do and an example of what to do for a romantic dinner date.

The Dinner Date Disaster:

 I had a brilliant idea that we would have a virtual dinner date.  I had decided we would cook dinner together and then get to eat dinner together over Hangouts.  I searched Pinterest and found a simple enough recipe that we could manage to cook and talk at the same time.  After scheduling our date time and sending Brian the recipe I found, I prepared for our date.  We dressed up just like going on a real date and dialed in.  All is well so far.  Then we went to start cooking… Brian had zero of the ingredients in the recipe and had already cooked half a recipe that was completely different.  I had apparently failed to tell him all the directions to having a virtual dinner date.  Cook the same meal, at the same time, together like if we were in the same place making dinner together.  I got upset and we ended our date in burned dinners and a big argument. Don’t do this.

The Dinner Date Delight:

Fast forward to Brian’s birthday.  Though we try to be together on big occasions, it is not always practical or possible.  We often have to plan visits far in advance being separated by over 600 miles and our commitments to work and military often prevent those visits.  So, we decided to have a virtual birthday dinner date. This time, we went over all the instructions so we got it right.  Brian picked the recipes, and we both hit the grocery store.  We got dressed up again, set the table and lit some candles.  We dialed in to our video call and started the dinner date how it was supposed to happen.  We had cooked a yummy steak and potato dinner together and even got the same type of wine to wash it down with.  We enjoyed a candle-lit dinner together with stimulating conversation…. like a real date. Birthday cake was a Hostess cupcake to ensure that we could have the same birthday cake.  Only problem being that our wonderful date couldn’t end with a good night kiss but we take what we can get, right?

Have you had virtual dinner dates?  What are your virtual dinner date ideas?



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